Our Story

'Ẹ̀BÙN was born out of the struggle to find eco-friendly Muslim wedding hampers for my friends that were getting married' - Kaozara, Founder.

We are a Muslim-owned eco luxurious gifting business dedicated to providing gifts that bring warmth and the feeling of being thought of to anyone who receives them. We mainly offer Muslims choices of eco wedding hampers.

our islamic duty

Living as custodians of the earth is important to us. In fact, it governs the reason why our brand provides environmentally friendly products. We have an interdependent and symbiotic relationship with the life around us and as Muslims, we believe our business should reflect our Islamic obligations of being kind to and living harmoniously with Allah’s creations (which includes the earth we’re living on). This also includes ensuring that our products are of the highest and most excellent quality, that is of ihsan, which denotes “doing things completely, nicely and in a tasteful manner”- another one of our Islamic obligations as Muslims. 

product selection

Our products are carefully selected and sourced, ensuring they deliver the Ẹ̀BÙN promise of being environmentally friendly and of looking, feeling, and where appropriate, smelling and tasting good; products that bring warmth and the feeling of being thought of to anyone who receives them.

Our process of product sourcing and selection includes hours of research online ploughing through loads of product specifications and supplier profiles. Where possible, our preference and choice is of local artists and suppliers in the Midlands and wider area. This also ensures we are reducing our carbon footprint whilst supporting local businesses. We then obtain samples of the products to test ourselves and with family and friends so we get experience and feedback of using the products before deciding on including them (or not) in Ẹ̀BÙN’s product line.

If we can’t find a product that meets our standard, we simply don’t include it.

Ẹ̀BÙN means gift in Yoruba and our wish is that receiving a hamper from Ẹ̀BÙN, with beautiful products packaged in compostable or in containers that can be reused again and again and again, makes it truly a gift that lasts a lifetime.

From us to you,


Founder of Ẹ̀BÙN