Eco-Friendly Wedding Hampers: EBUN's Guide to Curating an Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift

Eco-Friendly Wedding Hampers: EBUN's Guide to Curating an Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift

Can’t Decide What to Choose? Read our guide.

Choosing a gift can be daunting. There are many different ways to curate the perfect present. That’s why we have put this guide together to help you curate the best gift. Our products have been selected to support newlyweds in their marriage journey.

How to Build a Hamper

- Select our Keepsake Box

- Select 4 products minimum 

- Choose our options of card (we chuck in a free postcard if you prefer that instead)

- Choose optional giftwrapping service

- Checkout

Senses Hamper

One great and fun way to pack a hamper is to build a sensory hamper that provides a sensory experience by choosing products that entices each or more of the 5 senses. We have classified our products into 5 categories below.


  • candle
  • incense
  • body oil


  • brownies
  • honey
  • non alcoholic sprite
  • tea
  • pasta
  • zam zam water
  • nut butter


  • soap
  • key rings
  • mugs
  • socks
  • face towel
  • body oil
  • throw


  • dua book
  • Card 
  • All our products


Theme-based Hamper

Another way to curate your gift box is to base it on a theme. For example if you know the couple you’re buying for are outdoorsy, you can select products based on this specific characteristic like socks (to keep warm, outdoor mugs (to drink on the go and keep drinks warm), tea and card (to play and help to get to know one another).

An alternative option is to choose two items each couple enjoy. This will give them a chance to explore the choices of items together.

Home Hamper

You can curate a home hamper for your couple by choosing a product for each room in the house. For example, you can select our Clovelly honey and oat soap for the bathroom, myrrh and tonka candle for the bedroom, throw for the living room, Turkish tea towel for the living room and finally key rings to hold the keys. Product based on the rooms in the house means they are always reminded of the wonderful gift they were bestowed.

You can also group products that you know work nicely together for example: candles, EBUN cards, non-alcoholic spirit (think mocktails) and shortbread biscuit. This is perfect for a nice cosy evening together.



We know budget is key when curating a gift box. This is why we have put together a wide selection of gift box options below including box. 

  • soap, candle, key ring, zam zam water - £38
  • soap, candle, key ring, wudhu towels - £52
  • ceramic mug or travel mugs, tea, butter, socks - £60-£64
  • body oil, incense, face towels, ‘get to know’ card - £65
  • tea towel, throw, incense, ceramic mugs - £72
  • honey, butter, pasta, non alcoholic spirit, biscuit, zam zam water - £50
  • guest book, dua book, face towel, key rings - £61
  • dua, honey, zam zam, incense, wudhu towels, tea - £57

All in One

If you really can’t decide, choose our all in one gift box which contains a total of 19 items.

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